Biodiesel dari Minyak Biji Bintaro (Cerbera manghas L.)

  1. Non-edible Oil of Cerbera manghas L. Seed From Seram Island-Maluku as Oil Source of Biodiesel Production. Conversion of the Cerbera manghas L seed oil into biodiesel using homogenous catalys through esterification and transesterification stage have been done. Esterification process was carried out using mole ratio of methanol/oil 1:3, temperature 60-65o C for 2 hours with acid catalyst 1.25% H2SO4. The products were separated between methanol and triglycerides continued by transesterification process using mole ratio of methanol/oil 1:6. Initialy, the methanol have been reacted to NaOH catalyst using the catalyst variation 0.1; 0.2; 0.3; and 0.4%, for 2 hours and the reaction temperature 60-65o C. Biodiesel results were analysed by FTIR, GC-MS, and ASTM. The result show that the optimum biodiesel obtained on weiggt of catalyst is 0.3% NaOH. ASTM the test of results were obtained the propesties of the biodiesel there were: specific density of 0.8808 g/cm3 , kinematic viscosity of 6.511 mm2 /s, flash point 168o C, pour point 9o C, cloud point 12o C and conradson carbon residual 0.165 wt%.