Minyak Lawang

  1. GC/GC-MS Analysis, Isolation and Identification of Bark Essential Oil Components from Cinnamomum culilawan, Blume. The essentials oils (EO) in Cinnamomum culilawan bark have been isolated by steam distillation and evaluated by GC/GC-MS, IR and NMR methods. The GC/GC-MS analysis identified 12 compounds. The major components are eugenol (66.477%), safrole (12.432%) and methyleugenol (6.972%). Repeated purification of the two main compounds yielded eugenol (51.66%), and safrole (6.71%).
  1. Synthesis Of 3, 4-Methylendioxy Isoamyl Cinnamic As The Sunscreen Compound From Cullilawang Oil. Synthesis of 3, 4-methylendioxy isoamyl cinnamic as the sunscreen compound from safrole isolation of cullilawang oil had been concluded. The reactions begin from isolation safrol with reduction pressure destilation fractination yield 74.71% safrol. The isomerization of safrole to isosafrole using KOH without solvent at temperature 130 Â 0 C for 5 hours yield 86.50% isosafrole. The oxidation of isosafrole using KMnO 4 with polysorbate (Tween 80) catalyst, yield 72.33% pyperonal crystal. The crystal of pyperonal was synthesis to become sunscreen compound of 3, 4-methylendioxy isoamyl cinnamic through Claissen condensation reaction using isoamylacetate and sodium metal, yield 56.87% with 88.16% purity. The purity was tested by GC and the elucidation of those structure was analyzed by FTIR, 1 H-NMR abd MS. The sunscreen efectivity of 3, 4-methylendioxy isoamyl cinnamic was exam using UV-Vis spectrofotometer according to Petro method showed that the compound have a protection against UV-A light with the SPF value= 5.31