Biodiesel dari Minyak Sawit dan minyak rumpul laut

  1. Development of Utilization of Tuna Bone Waste as a Catalyst for Biodiesel Production Using Padina sp. Seaweed and Palm Oil. The development research of heterogeneous catalyst applications from tuna bone waste for biodiesel production with palm oil and Padina sp seaweed oil as a source of oil has conducted. Synthesis of heterogeneous catalysts from tuna bone waste performed through calcination process at 1000 C for 2 hours. The result of the catalyst conversion from tuna bone waste 49.69%. The use of catalysts in biodiesel production is carried out through the transesterification process using Padina sp. and palm oil. The yield of Padina sp. seaweed oil biodiesel was obtained 0.001%, while biodiesel sourced from palm oil obtained a yield of 66.03%. The biodiesel results obtained were tested physically and chemically according to the minimum requirements as biodiesel.